We know how hard it is for comedy fans to keep up with who is live streaming and where. Laugh Junkies LIVE is here to provide a platform for any comedian to keep entertaining to a worldwide audience while everyone is staying home.

If you have a live show / podcast you are already doing or just want to hop on Facebook live for a 15 minute comedy set, we are here to promote you.



Select the time(s) you’d like to “go live” on Facebook by clicking on the desired dates on the calendar. Email Us if the time you desire is not available or if you want to lock in a recurring time each week. Note: All time slots are listed (and promoted) in Pacific time zone.


We will promote you on our daily/weekly schedule on social media, email and our website


When its your time to perform, connect to Facebook for a LIVE stream and select the LAUGH JUNKIES LIVE group (along with your personal page) to stream to.


On your post please list the ways viewers can support you, such as your website, or a place for donations like Venmo and Paypal.

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Can I book more than 1 time slot at a time?

Yes! You can select multiple time slots in a single day or spread out through the month(s).

Can I Book My Podcast Or Show That Is Longer Than 15 Minutes?

Yes! You can block off several 15 minute slots to accommodate your podcast or show. If you do this podcast at the same time each week, email us to permanently block off this time for you on the calendar.

How can I stream live in the Laugh Junkies LIVE group on Facebook?

Streaming live video to the Laugh Junkies LIVE group is pretty simple. Just visit our group page on either your mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. Go to create a new post on the group page (in the “Write Something” section) and then select the LIVE VIDEO button. The video will then show up as live on both the Laugh Junkies LIVE facebook group page as well as your own personal Facebook page. Click here for additional instructions.